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Night Auditors' Journal
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Monday, September 17th, 2007
12:27 am
Change is bad!
And once again I was the last to know...

They updated the PMS, and one of the things that changed was a few of the special request codes. The only one that's relatively important is the code for valet parking, which of course tags the accounts I'm to charge for that service.

The code was "V9". It is now "P9". "V9" now is the request code for "extra feather pillows".

Of course I didn't find out about this until the second night it was in effect. I ended up printing a report of all the V9s in the system and matching them up against the valet log, which took way long than it should have. After a long note to the weekend auditor in the front desk book (where everyone could see it), things seemed to be straightened out tonight.

Though on that first night, I did find one woman who had been charged for her "extra feather pillows". :)
Friday, August 31st, 2007
12:30 am
I'm used to being busy most of the night, so I think I might go crazy tonight. The F&B computers were down, and they made the decision to hold all of their work until tomorrow. Aside from that I know this is the wrong move, there's nothing I can really do about it and it happens to cut my audit down to about1/3 or 1/4 of what it normally is. Supposedly there's an IT guy around, and I'm waiting on him to see if I should even post the Daily Sales Revenue or do the Credit Card reports... which I think I should, but I won't if it will majorly screw things up.

I need stuff to do tonight. What do some of you guys do to kill time?

EDIT: IT guy said no DSR and no CCs! I have nothing to do tonight!
Friday, August 24th, 2007
2:50 am
Had my first fire alarm/evacuation last night. You'd think that out of 300+ people, someone would have been a jerk... especially when these are the same people that complain about the light that flashes every 30 seconds on the smoke alarm or that someone is talking outside and they just don't feel like closing their window.

Everyone was cool. Most even joked about it.
1:17 am
ok yes i was way too bored and i typed up the whole 99 bottles of beer on the wall

yes the WHOLE SONGCollapse )
Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
4:27 pm
Sleep troubles..
I am just curious if any other people that work an over night shift have trouble sleeping during the day. I also tend to have trouble getting to sleep on my days off...

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
7:12 am
So...I work exclusively night audit.
I've never worked 1st or 2nd shift.

You know, until right now...becuase my FD manger called in with a migraine (totally understandable) and was like "uh, I need you to do it."

...m'k....'cept I don't know how.

So I just BSed my way through the housekeeping reports, which I'd never even seen before, and explained to an entirely Spanish speaking HK and kitchen staff that she's sick, and won't be coming in.

I know it's something little and dumb, and not really a hard job, but....I still feel pretty accomplished.
Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
2:38 am
What would you do?
lilith77I just finished my one year anniversary at the hotel I work at. On August 2nd, I was supposed to begin my vacation, but a week before I was to leave for vacation, 3 employees quit.

So that left us very short staffed. The GM, Assistant GM were even working desk shifts to ensure all shifts were covered. I'm the full time Night Manager here.

When this happened, I had a meeting with my GM and he said he was sorry about what happened and had informed me that making sure I got my vacation asap would be his top priority, that he would even work night audit if he had to.

Three weeks after the whole quitting fiasco, all 3 employees have been replaced, with the newest staff member beginning two days ago. This means that technically, as per my GM's "top priority promise" I should be on vacation on the next schedule. Well it was posted today and guess what? I'm still not on vacation and the part time auditor (who works PM shifts 3 evenings a week) informed me that it won't be until another month before I get my vacation because she refuses to work more than her 5 scheduled shifts per week. This is a woman who has been with us for under 4 months and is partially to blame for the other 3 staff quitting.

On top of this problem, Madame got her way again when she ended up with a PM shift on August 31st, the day before the big Tim McGraw & Faith Hill concert that she blew $300 on for VIP tickets. Thursdays and Fridays are my days off. When I almost quit last spring, part of the deal was I picked my days off and I kept them as is. No changes unless it was an emergency. This is TWICE this woman has her own and gets a Friday off/shift changed to her liking.

I told her flat out tonight that I did not ok her getting night audit off on August 31st and that she will have to work it whether she likes it or not because 1) I have seniority and 2) I am not available to work.

If they couldn't give me time off for music competitions, why should they give her time off for a music concert? She KNEW when she was hired her audit shifts would be on Thursdays and on Fridays. She KNEW this when she was hired.

So ontop of losing vacation, and vacation still not given to me as promised, I'm losing my days off (I was given Wednesday and Thursday off in lieu, but I told the Assistant Manager that I was NOT available!)

I'm a musician and the only time I ever get to play music is on Thursdays and Fridays... moreso on Fridays. To lose this day off to me is like stabbing me through the heart and shooting an arrow through the head.

PLUS, I'm exhausted. I'm burned out! I've been working so much overtime since I started working here a year ago. I keep reminding the GM and Assitant GM that I need time off and time away to regenerate. It's so bad that I am even starting to make mistakes on the audit. And trust me, I am careful with my work and am very detail orientated. For me to make mistakes should be a huge hint that something isn't right.

So I don't know what to do... Do I meet with the GM and tell him to a) give me my days off as promised back and the bimbo will just have to deal with working nights on August 31st and go to the concert on September 1st as I did NOT agree to work that Friday night. I'm working audit the night of the concert... bad enough I'll have to deal with the drunken fools the night OF the concert, now I will have to deal with them for BOTH nights. MY DAY OFF! and b) Tell him to give me my vacation or else... And the or else is 1) go to the doctor's and get them to put me on a sick leave or 2) find another job and get the *bleep* out of this place before it kills me... or before I kill someone!!!

Monday, August 13th, 2007
2:37 am

:| There's a really creepy guest in the lobby and I'm trying to watch a movie cause the audit is already done, and he's all CREEPY STARING at me! :|


Current Mood: creeped out
Friday, August 10th, 2007
7:05 pm
next time you get pissed
next time a guest or someone makes you want to hurt something. here is something to hurt. but he does not like to be poked too much (3 different outcomes)

Thursday, August 9th, 2007
6:35 am
@%$& AT&T!!!
Phones down for a full week now.
Can do CCs in the machine, at least.  Huzzah!

Gotta say, my day staff is handling it all in stride, though.

Current Mood: hopeful
Monday, August 6th, 2007
2:32 pm
Forced OT sucks.....
If anyone's been wondering where I got off too... Well, I've been averageing 9.25 hour days for the last month. Between staff shortages, high turnover, and this our busy season at work, I've been losing out to more and more of my free time.

Last night was the 8th night in a row that I have worked. I know I will have to work through this week, and maybe, maybe, get Saturday night off. Even so, It will be until the week after that I get a real weekend. Match that up with the fact that I earned 60 hours last week, and you can see why I've been stressed. To make matters worse, I've been loosing sleep, and now I've come down with something, sore throat, body aches and pains, general weakness, no fever... And there is no one to cover for me... Not even a drop dead.

Yesturday, I wrote a Drop Dead instructional for my audit and it turned out at 4 and a third pages. I'm hoping that seeing that will show my bosses how close they are to loosing me and being thankful that I'm still putting up with all this bullshit.

I need a vacation... I need a break... I need sleep... ugh.
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
2:34 am
I walked my first guest to another hotel the other night, and it was actually... pleasant.

We try really hard to never be oversold. We have very loyal guests and they'd be disappointed, to say the least, if they had a reservation and we didn't have a room. Read that as "we'd never hear the end of it", especially if we don't send them to a comparable hotel. Most of the time, we walk them to the Courtyard or Residence Inn, since it stays within Marriott... but those are not comparable hotels.

The night in question I had two more reservations than rooms. 5 reservations, to be exact. First guy comes in and I move some stuff around and find him a room originally pre-blocked for someone else, but at this point it's first come, first serve. Behind him comes three more guests at the same time, and I only have two rooms left. I tell them one of them will have to be put up at a Townhouse at the Sheraton (ok, that is comparable), but two of them asked to be put in the same room for one night. Note that everyone in this story works for the same company.

The first guy I checked in overhears, and knows the last guy coming in. The three women that came in at the same time confirm the last guest is definitely on his way and, knowing that this guy is traveling with his wife, the first guy I checked in actually VOLUNTEERS to be checked out and sent to the Sheraton so the other guy can have a room. And does it quite happily, too.

You don't see stuff like that to often, but it's good because I imagine if this happens again, it won't be quite so pleasant.
1:47 am
Crazy night.  Phones down.  Drunk, pushy guests (sold them a jacuzzi room, though heheh).

Authorizing credit cards by hand is not fun.

It's still about 85 degrees in here with every A/C unit blasting on high.

On the plus side, I don't smell like a girl today.  Hurray.

Current Mood: blank
Sunday, July 29th, 2007
3:49 am
So, I got a baby Chihuahua (as in, a puppy), and my bosses are letting me bring her to work with me every night so we can be on the same "schedule"...I think it's awesome, and I am going to train Gucci (the puppy) to hate dirty old drunk men, and growl at them from over the counter.

Brilliant I say!
Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
11:28 pm
Dear Middle-Aged Women Who Should Not Wear Bathing Suits In My Lobby,
Our swimming pool is open until 12.

As in, midnight.
As in, an hour past 11 - but an hour before 1.
There is a sign on the door listing (quite clearly in bold print on a nice gold/green contrast plaque) the exact times.
Yes, the pool being open means that the hot tub is also still open.
I am not going to rope one side off, and not allow you to use it.
(Although, given your recent string of ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS questions, I may consider it)

Also, crazy ladies, the next time you decide to parade through my hotel in your suimsuits, please consider, for everyone's sake, really, the use of a towel. Wrapping a thin layer of terry cloth around your midsection can do wonders when you shouldn't be wearing a bikini in the first place.

I do not judge you based on your body shape, middle aged women.
I myself am not one who's able to pull off the string bikinis, and I can accept that.
What I am judging you on, is the fact you're unable to acknowledge this for yourselves, and thus, dress appropriately.
I appreciate your willingness to "break the norm", so to speak, and go all out on this one...but I do not appreciate seeing the parts of your body that I'm almost convinced even God himself would be embarassed to see.

All I'm saying, is that it's neat you all went and got bikini waxes today during your "spa" day, but the redness and irritation that they caused do not need to become public knowledge.
Growing up, your doctor refered to it as "your private place" for a reason...

Quite honestly, I do not feel well.
I called the part time guy to come fill in, but he simply was unable to do it.
He did give me a day off tomorrow though, and I appreciate that.
I think you need to know that I lost out on a puppy yesterday, and I feel sick.
Basically, I am not the happiest of campers.
The fact i'm getting a different puppy on Friday does cheer me up some, but the combination of being freezing despite the 80 degree temperatures, and the awesome migraine I have is sort of ruining that for me right now.
I'm not going to be nice to you tonight...don't try to make conversation, middle aged women.
We are not friends.

3:37 am
The omens tonight at not good...
I have eight reservations left, and five rooms left... There is not a reputable hotel within 20 miles with rooms tonight, and I've got little miss rich-witch from Canada upset that she's been put in one of the transisition rooms (going to non-smoking from smoking, during our remodel). The driver tells me the evening driver didn't get gas, and he nearly didn't make it back to the hotel from his last airport run, and I've got three 90 minute research projects in addition to having to have the early-riser breakfasts ready....

Edit: The above was written at 11:30p tonight, nearly two hours into my shift when I had five spare minutes... Its now 3:30am, and the tour group did a number on me. Instead of coming down starting around 3:20am and departing with the 3:30a shutte, they started coming down about 2:45a, long before I was ready for them. They were insistant and pushy and don't take 'no', 'please wait', or 'your on a later shuttle', or 'I am working on checking your group out now' for answers. GRRR!

Their treatment of me and my driver really makes it hard not to be racist...

Think pure thoughts.... think pure thoughts.... think interesting deaths, er pure thoughts....

Current Mood: stressed
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
2:47 am
since we r speaking of day crew!
why does the day/am staff expect me to replenish there A.M. clipboard with there A.M. checklist and there service recovery logs! not only do they have me ALREADY placing the required arrival reports, a fancy typed out welcome call sheet for each individual arrival(which i type out myself)and another fancy typed out platinum arrival list on there. they NOW want me to place there checklist in there for them. i REFUSE to do it, till they put my audit checklist and my required paperwork on my clipboard everynight. SHEESH!!!!
12:53 am
Name: Sean
Age: 24
Brand/hotel worked at: Exel (small chain)
Position held: Night Auditor
Years at hotel: 1 and change
Years in industry: 4 (did my time in HK)
What stands out about your hotel: Great value
What's the best part of your job: Silence.... blessed silence.
What's the worst part of your job: Caffeine/nicotine induced paranoia

Current Mood: pleased
Monday, July 23rd, 2007
2:02 am
An open letter to the family and friends of those in the Hospitality Industry
I've been troubled with this for a number of years... And so here are a few of my thoughts to why I act the way I do.

When I am at work, I must drop everything and answer at the phone or a guest's beck and call. I must do it right away, without complaint. I have to be pleasant and cheerful, even when the guest or call is not. In fact I must remain hospitable even when the silent voices in my head are screaming about 'If its tourist season whats my bag limit' and similar murderous thoughts.

When I finally come "off-stage" and take a break from being seen, the last thing I want to do is have to jump right back up again. This goes double when I get home and enter what is for most people a sanctuary and place of rest.

I need time to unwind from the high state of readiness for the phone to ring or a guest to enter my perception. I need time to allow my thoughts to simmer down and become whole again after being scattered all night long. I need time to purge the stresses of one more asshole coming in and knowing that I am intentionally lying to him when I say I have no room for him. I do not need to be hounded about missed chores, and while I might need reminding about important things like doctors appointments and the like, I really would rather get a cup of tea in me, and at the very least thirty good minutes of peace and interuption-free quiet.

I serve my guests at work. Coming home and serving my family is difficult and at times even grating. At the very least show me a little curtiusy and make sure I have a chance to unwind and destress before needing me to work on chores. Serving me is helpful, but don't smother me either. A careful balance of making sure my needs are met, including my need to "not be on the beck and call" from neither phone nor person.

I know its alot to ask. I know its hard to see your loved one come home and enter a fortress of solitude and bade you not to tresspass on penalty of emotional pain. I also know just frustrating it is to see the look of pain on your face when you do confront me with something that you feel is important and I de-prioritize it, or worse do so and then dress you down for daring to disturb the inner sanctum.

Communication is vital in any relationship, but in as much as you may wish to communicate with me, you also need to look for communication from me. As much as you care for and love me I am not some orge looking to tear you limb from limb. I'm looking to strike a balance between a job that is great at times and really lousy at times too, and balance it against my family, who love and care for me and want to include me when all I want to do is run and hide from the #%^$*$&*% ringing phone!

I think I'll close this rant by saying that having a good job is important. And that my job can be very rewarding. But it is also stressful as well, because of the high state of awareness that must be maintained. Unless like most professions, I am not permitted to take breaks or even a 'lunch' instead I must catch breaks as I can, and eat on duty. So when I finally get to my own space, is it any wonder that I defend it so viggorously? Be gentle and kind in your thoughts towards me. The dragon will not sleep in the cave forever.

Current Mood: overworked
Sunday, July 22nd, 2007
12:00 am
Whose bright idea?
Tonight's list of "brilliant" actions.

Whose idea was it to bring in a new person with no relevant experience?
Why are they training for at least two weeks?  Everyone else here had the job down in 8-16 hours.  Is there any reason why it should take 80 hours now?
How are we saying that this person is performing "very well" when they have yet to actually do the job and are still having trouble with the most basic aspects?  Have we simply lowered our standards?

When calling me to ask for directions, please have something more useful than "I think we're by exit 1972 (on road that has no exits)" or "I think the town we're in starts with a W" or  "We're pulled in at a McDonald's."  My response will be "Can you give me the name of the road you're on or any other landmarks because what you've described could be 20 yards from here or 200 miles"  Car dealerships, chain stores and restaurants, and "by a shopping center" are also not helpful.  I'm trying to help but I need useful information - which I've been attempting to coach from you "Are there any non-chain businesses?"  "What is the cross-street?"  "Was the town name (suggestions)?"

Current Mood: annoyed
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