Steven Labrousse (bruiser2) wrote in night_auditors,
Steven Labrousse

Frustrations with the Day Walkers

When we've got contracted rooms reserved, and all the paperwork has to match up exactly right or we don't get paid, please, GET THE FUCKING NAMES RIGHT IN THE RESERVATION!!!

There's a company we have a contract with; they bring us a few hundred rooms a year. However, in order for us to get paid, all the paperwork has to match up exactly: the names on the paperwork we receive have to match up with the names in our system. The room numbers on the paperwork have to match up with the numbers in our system. Everything has to match up exactly.

We are guaranteed one night's pay if the employees don't show up. We are not guaranteed two nights. So, if the person the room is for isn't here by 11:00 am, we cancel the rest of the stay and sell the room. That is what happened this morning. However, we got revised paperwork for this group confirming three rooms for tonight, with two more coming in tomorrow. The problem?

They got the fucking names wrong. Essentially what happened is this:

None of the five rooms showed up Sunday night. However, someone obviously contacted the Day Walkers and sent over revised paperwork. Two of the rooms were checked out, and two reservations were added for tomorrow night. The other three were left in our system. The thing is, the names on my paperwork and the names in my system don't match. One of the rooms they checked out was the wrong room.

Of course, I didn't know this until one guy from this company tried to check in. I had no rooms left, his name wasn't on a reservation for tonight, and there were no notes on the subject. And while there was a room for this group left, it was under a different name. Like I said, everything has to match up exactly right for us to get payment. Plus, I was under the impression it was going to be the other guy (the one whose name I had) that would be coming in.

It wasn't until after the guy left that I was able to figure out where the fuck-up happened. And by that time it was too late; he'd already left. Fuck.
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