Spider-Pimp (sirencio) wrote in night_auditors,

Quick, someone give me the number for 911!

Weirdness from last week.

About 5:30am, some lady calls down and asks if she can be connected to Dr. So-and-So's room. I connect her.

A minute or two later, she calls back and says Dr. So-and-So is not in her room, and asks if I can please check in the gym for her. Unusual, but ok.

The Dr. is in the gym, and when I tell her this woman is trying to contact her, she asks me if she means "right now". I tell her that she specifically asked me to get her from the gym, so that must mean right now.

Dr. towels off and all that, then heads up to the woman's room. By this time it's about 5:45am, and the Dr. calls down from the woman's room to tell me she needs medical attention. I immediately tell her I'll call 911, to which she stutters and stammers in response, as if she's trying to halt me.

Because of this, I ask her if instead she needs something specific, assuming maybe it's a minor emergency. She asks me to "send someone up".

I radio security and briefly tell them the story, and ask her to go by the room and call me immediately if 911 is needed. Security gets up there and tells me I need to call.

Really, I think it's crazy. This woman had no regard for herself, and neither did her Dr. friend.
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