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Hello, my name is Victoria and I am a full time Nigh Auditor at a Marriott in Wisconsin. I really enjoy my job - I have amazing 3rd shift coworkers and the work is just different enough day to day not to leave me bored often but not so fast paced that I can't read a book. I've had this job for 3 years now and the biggest problem I've had is getting other people to cover me so I can take my vacation.

We just underwent a lobby renovation that is huge success - we get so many compliments. We still need to put in the business center and the new sundries/snack area but we're getting there. I'm really happy where I am and what I'm doing. Drunk weekend wedding guests nonwithstanding.

Help Wanted....

We here in the lovely Western Burbs of Chicago are currently seeking a Night Auditor. would be Sunday through Thursday nights and I am guessing starting at around 11 bucks an hour. If you are looking, come on in and fill out an application.

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I just added one to the number of would-be guests I've thrown out of this place. Not physically. That's three now.

She came in with her phone to her ear, sort of stumbly-like. She was almost incoherent, she was so drunk. It seems important to mention the particles she had on the front of her shirt that resembled something that had been digested at least a little. She started telling me that there was no listing for a Motel 6 in Arizona. I said, "Well you're at a Motel 6. Would you like a room?" She told me that yes, she would like a room, but kept trying to call information to get the number, all the while spouting that there was no listing for Motel 6 in Arizona.

I told her they probably couldn't understand her. "Really?" she asked, looking surprised. "Really." I affirmed. "I can barely understand you."

Then I asked again if she would like a room. Repeat least set of sentences with minor variations. She kept trying to hand me her phone through the window to show me. It was at these points that I could smell her. I am glad I have a window. I kept telling her that I didn't need her phone, I have my own. If this seems a little repetitive, you should have been there.

Finally, I asked her if she would like a room. She continues with the statement that there are no Motel 6 listings in Arizona. I said, "But you are standing in a Motel 6, right now."

She yells, "Well no shit!"

I told her to get out. She got out and I haven't heard from her again. At least she wasn't belligerent about getting out. She has probably had the cops called on her before.


So, I had a first tonight. I am used to noise complaints and having to run up to quiet things down. Tonight however, things got so out of hand with these 3 guys that I had to call the cops to escort them off property. It isn't like they were a bunch of teenagers either. They were either 24 or 25. And as we are all getting on the elevator with the police to have them leave the hotel, one of them calls his daddy. I mean, really....someone that is supposed to be an adult calling daddy because they are getting kicked out of a hotel jsut as promised and hour earlier when the noise started.

I am hoping this is not a start of normal behaviors around here. And intersting enough, the same female cop has been here for all of the police calls that have happened while I have been working.

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Back on Audit

After returning to work after materinty leave I lasted a whole two weeks off the audit.  One week on days was enough for me.  Not fixing problems? Not even be able to fix my own mistakes?  Man I was out of there fast.  Got an offer from an old co-worker who is now a manager.  Not suppose to fix problems there either, but working with my friend gm on that.  Basically taking the weight off her sholders.  

Seems the old auditor had a list of problems against her.  My favorite is the lack of showering.  mentioned it in passing to my gm and she told me they'd had outright complaints on that matter.  The girl is not nice to people, does the audit, not much else and has had money missing repeatedly from her til.  Sometimes its good to know people  
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Shine on, You Crazy Diamond

Diamond: a crystal form of carbon, formed under intense heat and pressure rivalling the very fires of the ninth circle of hell itself. Prized for its beauty and value, all diamonds contain flaws in their hearts caused by the very infernal forces which gave rise to it's creation.
the Encyclopedia Absolute, Dunnwitch Press, 1899

Background: Overnight Manager / Night Auditor at a large chain hotel in the bluest state.

I had such a guest last night, one we are all very familiar with at my hotel: here, for your enjoyment is part of my shift report to management this morning:

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Due to previously unforeseen circumstances, I had to return to the Ramada...this time as night auditor.

Naturally, my first weekend here, we have in 60 rooms that are comprised of football teams...who are connected to the owner. We've been fielding noise complaints and frankly I don't blame anyone for being pissed off. It's after midnight, for fuck's sake. So after calling security here more than once (off-duty state troopers, yay!) I finally called them a few minutes ago and told them to please start getting these people out of my god damned hotel.

The hell I'm putting up with this. I've noticed that I'm far less inclined to take any bullshit now that I work nights.

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I was nice enough to give the kids who are down the street waiting for the mall, coffee and hot coco. I had one group that was extremely nice and just needed the bathroom and wireless. I let them get coffee.

Another kid comes in and asks to buy a few cups of hot coco. I told him he could just take like 2 or 3 cups. I walked in the back to print something back, came back, it was a mess...


He just ruined it for everyone else. Dickwad.

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