Dain the Greater (dain_unicorn) wrote in night_auditors,
Dain the Greater

Night of GRRRRRRS!

I've had a number of little things on my bitch list last week or two... Last night for some reason, *ALL* of them hit me.

First of, does anyone else out there really hate it when a guest starts to tap the room-key against the desk in the hopes that it will make you work faster and get to them even sooner? GRRRRRR! You sir, I leave, a boot-to-the-head!

Next, Why is it, my Driver, is so good a greeting people, but then refuses to learn how to check people out? "Hi there, checking out? Oh, Dain will help you..... Dain, put your food down, get up, and come check this person out." Then refuse to help ME with things like getting the breastfast-to-go bags ready. You sir, I leave, a boot-to-the-head! Um, that one was a little weak, Tykwonleap Master, pray repeat it... Thats much better, thank you.

Then that brings me nicely around to the evening shift... I swear when two of them are working together, the collective IQ drops about 50% or 50 points, which-ever is greater. The sheer number of I-don't-give-a-damn things they do is simply increadible that they still have jobs. You sir, I leave, a boot-to-the-head! And another for the Driver.

Speaking of which, I caught him the other morning in the business center watching internet porn on one of the business center computers. With one of the previously mentioned dum-dum twins. They laughed and tried to play it off, but I was mad, so very mad, because we all knew that no one would do anything about it, even if I went running to tattle. GRRRR! You sirs, deserve more than just a boot-to-the-head, but at least its a start. And another for Ginny and the wimp.

Yet, I am being scolded for the audits not balancing at corperate from day-to-day, and being the odd five minutes tardy.... So I leave a boot-to-the-head for my paper-tiger boss.

Speaking of being scolded for being late, my relief, the front desk lead is HABITUALLY 10-20 minutes late, and uses the excuse, 'well, its not as if your ready to go when I get here.' Grrrrr You, ma'am, I leave a boot-to-the-head!

Damnit, another tapper... boot-to-the-head for you too!

Oh well, just sharing some agrivation with you fellow suffers...
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